Automatic Storage & Handling Systems of glass sheets


MOVETROPLUS - management software


The module software MOVETROPLUS permits an efficient and complete management of the processes in the storehouse and in addition to the simple consultation, MOVETRO PLUS includes the management of the connected loading systems.

MOVETROPLUS guarantees the management of the storehouse from the loading of the materials to the creation of lists of cut for every lines to serve, visualizing in real-time the layout that reproduces the productive department of the client, the stock and the material reserved for the future tasks.

The lists of cut are filled in choosing the material throughout a series of algorithms which satisfies the operator’s preferences and are consulted by the connected systems of movement, the lines of cut and the optimizers and once they’re approved they are done and always recorded to maintain the traceability of the product.

The efficient management of the alarms guarantees the maximum precision for the management of the events and offers to the operators a wealth of information such that permits to be always and immediately acquainted with the state of the machinery and, in consequence, to know how to react to reduce at the minimum the locks of production and to improve the efficiency.

MOVETRO S.R.L. Automatic Storage e Handling Systems of glass sheets
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