Automatic Storage & Handling Systems of glass sheets



Side-shift drawers Movetro SA and Movetro A represent the ideal solution for storing huge quantities of glass sheets in the smallest space as possible. Thanks to the electrical movement of the frames, glass sheets can be quickly and easily reached when needed in total safety for the operator.

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Shuttle storage systems Movetro TMA, are the best solution for those customers who need, besides a huge glass storage, to work non-stop, in total safety, even during the truck unloading operations. Thank to the high modularity project, Movetro TMA can be modified or upgraded even long time after the installation.

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Shuttle storage systems for glass sheets


Overhead crane systems Movetro CAM, are the best compromise in terms of production flexibility and speed as they can load sheets, both from fixed and mobile racks, feeding one or more cutting lines being these for monolithic or laminated glass. The highest flexibility is granted by an automatic vacuum system, which is self-adjustable according to sheets sizes, and a proper sheets separation device, which is a combination of lifting, rotating and translating movements, while the reliability is granted by simple but practical solutions. Movetro CAM are available with different configurations and dimensions and are ideal also for Low-E glass handling.

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Overhead crane for glass sheets


Movetro's product range includes also several loading machines, which can be simple tilting rollers tables for receiving glass sheets from overhead cranes, or with suction cups for sheets loading from fixed glass racks or even combined types. These loading machines can be connected and integrated to any existing cutting lines.

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loading and tilting machines for glass sheets


The module software MOVETROPLUS permits an efficient and complete management of the processes in the storehouse and in addition to the simple consultation, MOVETRO PLUS includes the management of the connected loading systems.

MOVETROPLUS guarantees the management of the storehouse from the loading of the materials to the creation of lists of cut for every lines to serve, visualizing in real-time the layout that reproduces the productive department of the client, the stock and the material reserved for the future tasks.

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loading and tilting machines for glass sheets

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