Automatic Storage & Handling Systems of glass sheets


MOVETRO SA - Semiautomatic Drawer

Movetro SA are semiautomatic side-shift drawers ideal to save space inside the glass processing companies. These drawers consist of several frames which are moved electrically in order to space them out for the sheets loading/unloading operations. The operator, through a proper remote control, commands all the drawers movements.

The frames manual unblocking/blocking device, notwithstanding its simple and practical construction, has been drawn to allow the operator to work comfortably and without any physical effort. The control panel is very well designed and the interface is very friendly-use.

MOVETRO semiautomatic side-shift drawers for glass sheets

MOVETRO A - Automatic Drawer

Movetro A are fully automatic side-shift drawers which are managed and controlled simply from the control tower. The glass-sheets drawer is made up of a series of parts. Each part has a frame mounted on trolleys which translate along horizontal guides. The racks are moved by a motor-driven trolley at 50 mm/sec. The trolley moves along the rack and stops in line with the selected frame when it reaches the photoelectric cells. The motor-driven trolley has two pneumatic cylinders which insert hooks into their respective seats (in the part) and connect the two parts: the assembly then moves and creates the space required for the loading and unloading operations.

Control box is equipped by a modern touch-screen pad in order to allow a simple control of the machine. Clear and self-explaining messages are available in different languages. Once more, Movetro is the best synthesis of functionality, friendly-use and functionality.

MOVETRO Automatic side-shift drawers for glass sheets

Technical form

Max dim. Glass sheet mm 3.660 x 2.750 2 x 3.660 x 2.750 6.100 x 3.300 1 x 6.000 x 3.210
2 x 3.210 x 2.750
Load Capacity Ton 2 3 4 4 6 7.5 6 9 12 15 30
Support dimension mm 140 160 200 240 300 400 170 240 300 390 800
Total dimension mm 205 225 265 305 390 500 280 350 420 500 1000
Power supply Kw Semiautomatic     1.5
Automatic     3.0
Semiautomatic     1.5
Automatic     6.0
Compressed Air bar Automatic     8.0 Automatic     8.0
* data are referred to a single frame

MOVETRO schema classificatore per lastre di vetro

Movetro SA and Movetro A can be not only highly customized but even, long time after the installation, modified or upgraded in terms of frames quantity and floor-plan configuration thanks to their modular design.

MOVETRO S.R.L. Automatic Storage e Handling Systems of glass sheets
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