Automatic Storage & Handling Systems of glass sheets


MOVETRO CAM - Automatic Overhead Crane

Movetro CAM represents not only one single product but a complete range for the sheets handling and loading operations designed for customers who are looking for space saving and flexible machines for feeding several lines and the same time.

Suitable mechanical solutions, such as the rotating group or the different inclination of the sheets loading structure, allows Movetro CAM to be the ideal solution even for Low-E glass.

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Movetro CAM can be defined as the best fusion of the technology and know-how that Movetro has developed during his long experience in the glass field. It can be stated that there is no a standard configuration for Movetro CAM simply because the standard does not exists for these kind of plants: Movetro wants to discuss with you, understand your needs and offer you the best solution designed around your needs.

The following schemes represent the different configuration available for Movetro CAM.

overhead loader glass sheets

overhead loader glass sheets

overhead loader glass sheets

The combination of Movetro CAM together with Movetro A is the best solution in terms of space saving. If, for any reason, this should not be possible, Movetro CAM can also work with fixed racks.

Automatic overhead system consisting of a suction cups unit, 4 axes controlled, in order to pick up glass sheets from racks and loading them onto the tilting table. Suction cups unit can be moved along the vertical axis in order to bypass the fixed tilting table in order to save space. Vacuum plant with 4 different circuits so to grant the max flexibility allowing the machine to automatically pick up sheets sizes, in a full automatic mode without any manual intervention (set-up) by the operator. Thanks to a specific device, the inclination of the suction cups can be automatically adjusted in order to allow the handling and the loading of Low-E glasses.

Technical form

    R J
Max dim. glass sheet mm 3.660 x 2.750 6.100 x 3.300
Min dim. glass sheet mm 1.500 X 1.000 2.400 x 1.700
Thickness mm 3 ÷ 19 3 ÷ 19
Lift capacity kg 500 900
Suction cups nr 12 20
Low-e   Yes Yes
Voltage supply V 400 400
Power supply Kw 6,0 6,0
Pneumatic supply Bar 8,0 8,0
Pneumatic consumption Nl/min 500 500
User's interface   7-inch color touchscreen
Windows CE O.S.
with remote assistance
7-inch color touchscreen
Windows CE O.S.
with remote assistance

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