Automatic Storage & Handling Systems of glass sheets


MOVETRO's main strengths are the flexibility and the great ability to adapt its product range according to the times and technology evolutions. The company organization is the ideal one to be able to offer highly customized products with a professionalism and competence that have always been Movetro's hallmark worldwide.

MOVETRO is a real industrial company, able to accept new technological dares counting on technical and human resources, listening and understanding customer's needs which are always satisfied through designs highly customized and which keep into the highest considerations reliability, safety and efficiency of the plant.

MOVETRO grants a very high quality level which can be positioned at the top of similar glass industries as all machines are fully manufactured and tested: metal work-shop, welding, painting and assembling lines are positioned in order to reach the very ambitious target of "total product quality".

MOVETRO does not only manufacture and install automatic systems, but goes beyond this point thanks to the fact that all plants can be fully connected and integrated to already existing processing lines manufactured by any other company.

From the smallest to the biggest glass processing company: everybody can find in Movetro the right partner that can give the correct solution, thanks to a wide product range and a well qualified technical staff, when space, storage or handling needs cannot be satisfied by the market standard offer.

Automatic Storage e Handling Systems of glass sheets

Automatic Storage e Handling Systems of glass sheets

MOVETRO S.R.L. Automatic Storage e Handling Systems of glass sheets
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